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Hotel Original - Turin Royal Palace

In the historic center of Turin rises the Royal Palace which was the seat and center of power of the royal family of the Savoy.
It has been declared World Heritage by UNESCO since 1997.

In Baroque style, it received the artistic contribution of various artists who enriched it from 1600 until the end of the 1800s.

The Royal Palace of Turin was originally the residence of the Bishop. The first renovation works were designed by Ascanio Vittozzi but then entrusted to Carlo di Castellamonte. The regal and solemn façade, which joins the taller side wings, is instead of the seventeenth-century by Carlo Morello.
Behind the palace are the Giardini Regi, another important symbol of the city of Turin.

The Royal Palace of Turin was built to give an image of regal luxury. Its construction ended in 1640.
Its interiors, enriched over the centuries, can not fail to impress for the visual and decorative richness of each environment. Among the artists who created this Italian masterpiece are Isidoro Bianchi, Claudio Francesco Beaumont and Massimo d'Azeglio. Among the environments that best testify to the long history of the Royal Palace of Turin we can mention the Ballroom, the Throne Room, the Salone degli Svizzeri and many others.

After the monarchy ended in 1947 the Royal Palace was virtually abandoned and only recently (2007) has been reopened to the public.